Welcome to Winter Whitetails from all of us: Joe, Rick and Mae! Our farm is new but our experience with whitetail farming goes back 11 years. Joe has been farming deer since 1999. Joe and his brother had a modest farm in Birchwood, Wisconsin. It started as a hobby, it was a pleasure to care for the animals and watch them grow over the years. It became clear, however, that if we were to raise deer not only for pleasure but also for sport we were going to need some additional help. It didn’t take much time before we had Rick, Joe’s father, and Mae on board with helping us raise whitetail deer. Our decision to move the deer to Winter, Wisconsin was based on the fact that we had ample land to use for habitat and a natural setting free of the noise and hustle of life in town.

As whitetail breeders we, at Winter Whitetails, have focused on raising a healthy herd of deer in a natural setting. We provide a stress-free environment for our animals. We believe in the value of good food, good water, good shelter and husbandry to bring out the best in our herd genetics. We work with other deer farmers and hunting preserves to advance the health of the breed and grow trophy antlers. Our moto has been: “Hunters have the dream, and we supply the buck.” As avid hunters ourselves we understand the excitement and honor coupled with harvesting a big buck. With our deer we want to make that dream a reality for other hunters.

Please explore the website and see what it is we have to offer. If you are a preserve owner please contact us if you are interested in purchasing trophy bucks. We want to work with you to give hunters the experience of a lifetime and an unforgettable memory.

TB accredited, Brucellosis Certified ~ CWD Monitored Since 2003